The Power Hour

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The Power Hour

Post by Sawyer »

Doc said the power hour was from 4 to dark and he was right. Traci and i trolled along the RR tracks last weekend using small crank baits and had a fun time catching Bass and perch. We must have got 30 bass in 2 hrs most were small smallmouth and a few largemouth.

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Re: The Power Hour

Post by Reelax »

That sounds like some great action Don! Too bad I am so addicted to trolling... I hate to stop the boat :roll:
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Re: The Power Hour

Post by TUnamas »

Reelax wrote:That sounds like some great action Don! Too bad I am so addicted to trolling... I hate to stop the boat :roll:

Matt - Don's report said he was trolling along the tracks! It's a month late, but it looks like it's ON everywhere on the lake right now!

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Re: The Power Hour

Post by the_doctor »

Still going strong out there on the bass. Since it's been hotter I've had to drink more beer, so my notes on times, temps, weather, etc. are not quite as thorough as they once were :)
Lots of nice 3-4 lb largemouth and smallmouth, still biting aggressively, though a little slower than last week. Senkos are still magic sometimes but I've also turned back to my beloved Shad Rap, and I picked up some off-brand crankbait that looked that a sunfish which worked very well. Bright sun and hot weather seems to make them the most active. We have caught big LM and SM pretty much at random, often in the same spot and in any possible way-- smallmouth in the weeds, largemouth on the rocks, whatever! Just like the salmon guys sometimes say-- forget all about temp, structure, habits, etc. if you see those bait-fish, because that's where the fish will be.
Just yesterday my good friend was with me and had a HUGE pike on there too but we forgot the net and he sliced the line during the landing. Bummer! Still some fun days out there though.

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