Frostbite Fleet Luncheon today 1/30 Monday

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digitroll (ron)
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Frostbite Fleet Luncheon today 1/30 Monday

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We resumed having this after a 3 year miss with Covid restrictions. Everyone tested this morning to help ease any concerns. Packed them in with 12-13 Frostbiters! Everyone brought something so it was slam dunk with some great food! Nice to keep this tradition going that started as a lure taping event in 2009 with 6 people. We would have invited more but it was full at 12 for the space. Shout out to Bill Lowell who missed his first one recovering from bypass surgery a week ago. He is recovering well! See you next year Bill! Thanks to everyone who brought food! Nice way to celebrate another year!

1 minute video:

Gecha (Gerry)
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Re: Frostbite Fleet Luncheon today 1/30 Monday

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Nice tradition you started 14 years ago. I miss the taping sessions.
It was a great opportunity to meet all friendly people who share the same passion.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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