Willsboro water

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Willsboro water

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Fished Tuesday and yesterday out of the bay with yet another day of fun and action. Lake conditions were great with a small chop and wind. Lakers came at 45-55 down in 60-120 fow. Boated 12 missed 4 in4 hrs. It was 53-55 deg at the ball. Fished loaded with Smelt and Alewives. Fished 4-5 hrs each day but still no silvers. We should be getting a few by now. We have had our share in the past but shut out so far. Fished seem to like smaller lures like Warriors and HY techs. Best speed was 2.3 -2.7 with 2 riggers clean and 2 with vert blades .All got fish. We will try again for silver on Saturday. Good luck Guys.
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Re: Willsboro water

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Sounds like a fun couple of days! At least you can catch lakers while waiting on the silvers. I've been skunked the last 2 trips to the Inland Sea .... with no lakers to keep me busy. Makes for some boring trolls. Still better than sitting around the house, or worse ... being at work!

Switched to warm water species the last couple of trips and have had some fun. Nothing big, though. I can't seem to find a pike over 30" this year. All the usual haunts just aren't working out for some reason.

Good luck to you!
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