9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

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9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by Detritus »

So I don't know if that was some kind of funny foreshadowing or something that even I didn't know about when I did that fake 9 lb Walleye post a couple of weeks ago, but, Liam actually caught a 28" 9.16 lb Walleye tonight on Strike Three. It was a last minute trip we threw together with our friend "Wabbler" on here, and got out there. A personal record for him, and another Master Angler entry for 2022.

20220524_182054.jpg (112.04 KiB) Viewed 639 times

Here's a 45 second video of the boys landing the fish, not knowing what it was. I suggest listening carefully to their dialogue. I didn't catch it in real life, and even missed it the first few times watching the video, but, it's pretty funny. Lets just say Liam really wanted to boat this fish, and also wanted to make Brody boat the fish just as bad. I don't know how the Tuna joke came up again either, but, it did. I think it's becoming a thing.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS9z_hU ... ntryAngler

We really wanted to catch a couple Walleye for dinner this year too, but, our "release every monster fish" thing that we do came into play again. He was just too big and beautiful to kill. So, here's the release video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew_BWf- ... ntryAngler

The rest of the trip was pretty quiet. a few little white perch, and a yellow perch by me and Wabbler. Brody had a few bites, but this is the only thing he got on camera.

barb.jpg (135.3 KiB) Viewed 639 times

Pretty uncalled for if you ask me. Barb is the skunk that lives on Strike three to keep the other skunks away. She's Shank's counterpart that lives aboard the Country Angler. She had her job done in the first 5 minutes of the trip.
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Re: 9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by Fishinpole »

Now there is a great meal. Great job.
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Re: 9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by TUnamas »

Awesome fish. Awesome release! You guys are on a roll!
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Re: 9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by raz »

What a great post...and fish...and adventure!
Thanks for sharing!
Catch and serve with lemon.
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Re: 9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by Crayfish »

The boys are on a roll alright! Wow, what a beauty! Congrats, Liam. That video was hilarious, and another fantastic release. That old girl has a lot of eggs yet to lay in the years to come.
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Re: 9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Wow, that's a beautiful walleye. Liam and Brody are exceptional fishermen.
Congrats on the PB and another Master Angler entry.
Thanks for sharing those memorable time capsules.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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Re: 9 lb Walleye - For Real This Time

Post by Reelax »

Damn those boys are fishy. Wonder if they realize how lucky they are to have such a great dad…

Fish on!
Matt B
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