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Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:02 pm
by tree-on
Fished Sunday with my nephew in the far southern part of the lake. Water temp was 64 and level was low. Water seemed muddier than normal. We hit a few spots without much luck, a lot of the spots I have hit before were now on dry land. We finally found some fish on a mudline that formed from all the bassboats running up and down.

Re: 9-22

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:31 pm
by Reelax
Thanks for the post..

Was there any bait on the graph for you?

Re: 9-22

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:02 am
by tree-on
None on the graph, but we saw some breaking the surface. No luck casting around the bait though.