Historical walleye grounds and tactics

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Historical walleye grounds and tactics

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Post I put up 3 years ago I located in the search box:

January 2015 post:

With all the nice walleyes caught last year and the fishery biologists telling us there are a lot more than people realize last year at the February Winter Workshops I thought I would start with what worked for us in the 1980's as I am hearing these spots are coming back to life again in the past season at dusk. I don't have time to fish at dusk anymore but I don't mind reviewing what worked for us. Well here we go......

Hyde point north of Savage: Our go to spot in the mid-eighties at dusk. Fishing off this point near the sharp drop-off in 90-120 feet of water. Trolling time window was August.

Fishbladder trolling in 70 feet of water right in the middle east of the island.

South east corner of Savage Island trolling in 80 feet of water.

North east corner of Savage Island in deep water.

Deep water right in front of the Georgia launch trolling west - east to Savage.

Ball Island can: Casting. Anchor 50 feet west of can in 10 feet of water after dark and cast with Rebel deep diving. Crazy large Walleyes and big bass. Best time: August - September. Best time at 10 pm.

Buoy 19 Shelburne: Casting right near the 19A outside can anchored. Or trolling around it.

Juniper Island: Trolling the north side near the green can in 10-12 of water and deep water north west and west of the Island.

Sloop Island: Trolling near the edge of the west side drop-off.

Ferris Rock: Trolling over the reef and around it.

Stave Island can: Trolling and I would bet casting near the can anchored would work.

Colchester reef: Trolling south and west side.

Schuyler reef can?

Well there you go! Anyone can add.
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Re: Historical Walleye Grounds

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Follow-up to that January 2015 post:

With the new ramp at the Sandbar it will be a heck of a lot easier loading a boat and great parking!

It was wonderful they cut those trees down to open things up for parking.

Watch out for the boats with no navigation lights on engaged in fishing after dark when running on plane. Sometimes they turn them on when your almost on top of them while running especially on a dark new moon night.

Also the west side of Savage out in the middle trolling north and south can yield a big guy pulling planer boards with deep divers off Laurvick releases. This is a good 10 pm - 2 am run.

Typically late July - August has been the Inland Sea walleye window for trolling. Beginning at Fishbladder / Cedar and peaking up at Savage around August 10th thru the end of the month.

Late June into July can be good near Juniper.

4 Brothers north to Valcour over deep water flatlining rapalas all night (June-September).

Anchoring near cans can be deadly for casting deep diving lures from spinning rods in those spots listed above especially during September when the trolling bite dies off.

Keep your eyes open just like daylight for other boats fishing them after dark and look for patterns. More time on the water = Fishing success increase. It's a learning curve as it changes with fish movements following bait and winds. In addition to flat lines; run your riggers at 20 ft down and 30 ft down with floating Bombers. :) People fishing walleyes at night have specific trolling patterns just like the daytime fishermen or can be found casting off of buoys after dark.

If you happen to catch a walleye during the day by accident fishing salmon there is a good chance there is more around to fish at dusk that evening with stick baits and a 6 rod presentation. I will change over two rods to stick baits ie. Bombers after catching a bonus day time walleye to stick another walleye or two. :) This is where your Fish Hawk comes in handy to target the 62 degree water above the salmon.

2015 may in fact be the year of the Walleye.
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Re: Historical walleye grounds and tactics

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Awesome intel Ron.
I'm new to trolling, and still getting set up, but will certainly give this a try.
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