First trout on our own boat

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First trout on our own boat

Post by NorEaster »

Hello Everyone, This is my first post !! We bought a nice used boat 3 Weeks ago " I don't have a Boat Name Yet" and It has 2 Walker Downriggers on it. But we didn't have any Rods, So one of our Buddies gave us some old ones he had. Thanks James and our good friend COUNTRY ANGLER gave us some downrigger reels and lots of advice from Dilly Worm. We launched out of Converse Bay on Saturday 6/25. My Son and I both caught our very own Lake Trout off our Boat and Wow We are Hooked. We were fishing 25 ft off the release at 60 ft down going 1.5-1.7 mph. Nothing "Huge" but these are the first of many trout we will have on our boat that's for sure.
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by Pcraft237 »

Congrats on the boat acquisition. Lake Champlain is a great place to fish.
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Welcome to the forum. Congrats on catching your first laker on your boat. Wishing you many more tight lines.
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by Dilly Worm »

You guys are awesome ! Great start to your trolling adventures in the new boat. We'll have to get the fleet together soon !
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by Reelax »

Welcome aboard. I think your forum name would make a great boat name!!! You guys are hooked now..

Look forward to hearing many adventures to come!!!

Fish on!
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by Striperking »

Sounds like a perfect maiden voyage! Be careful with your addiction. It could lead to purchasing 100 different spoons and still feeling the need for just one more!!😊
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by raz »

Nice going guys...keep it up!
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Re: First trout on our own boat

Post by Detritus »

Hey way to go guys! That's so cool you guys boated multiple fish your first time out. I was just talking with Liam today about when we first started the whole cold water fishing thing aboard Detritus that first year. We had never been out with anybody trolling before, so, we had no idea what we were doing. We fished every week from April to July I think, before we caught our first fish.

We'd put in a couple of hours trolling with no fish, then go catch warm water fish after the skunk. Don't ask me how we stunk so bad at it back then, but we did. You guys killed it your first time out.

Thanks again for that loaner motor this week for the Dumpster. Liam and Brody have a Bass "Tournament" tomorrow against two other campsites. Weigh in is at our site at 11.
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