Nice Afternoon

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Nice Afternoon

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Was able to squeeze in a trip this afternoon.

Splashed the boat at 4 PM on Otter Creek. Ran over to the NY side north of Snake Den. Set a simple spread -- one rod with 3 colors of lead and my typical torpedo weight rod with a spoon deep and a pin minnow on a fixed cheater.

Nabbed a laker on the leadcore after a few minutes. Not much size and took a CI gold bikini.

Continued south and hit a small salmon on the cheater (purple rainbow trout) and then a 2nd salmon on the leadcore (now a CI SGM).

Trolled over to Basin Harbor and started north. Leadcore fired again and as I grabbed that rod, the second rod fired. Small laker on the lead core (CI SGM again) and a slob laker (probably 32") off the torpedo weight (CI Green Mtn Boy).

Hit a fourth laker on the cheater (same pin minnow) as I approached the green can.

Pulled the hook on another fish a few minutes later.

Think I had lures in the water for a bit more than 3.5 hours. Beautiful evening and 6 for 7 overall.

Ran baits at 45 feet, 25 feet, and 12 feet all afternoon.

Did change colors quite a few times. Most went unmolested.
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