2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

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2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by Reelax »

:D Saturday was a bumpy start for the fleet In the morning but the wind calmed thru the day and it was a day that many will never forget… There were many salmon at the weighin, multiple salmon caught by skilled youth…..BUT none could even come close to comparing to the fish that Brody landed on the Country angler. The only way to make it better was the release of that beast so it could grow more after the weigh in. That crew is got some good training. What a great crew you have Jack, hope you guys are in the LCI.

As many know the DYP now includes family crews that only run 4 rods on a boat. This year over half the entries were families which is great to get the kids involved.

Here is a text I got from Jack this morning summarizing the winning crews long day along with some other of their pics..

Our total count for the day was 12 for 22, with the 12 being 10 Lakers and 2 salmon. Biggest laker was Liam, 28" 7.8 lbs, and Brody's salmon was 27" and 7.27 lbs.

Thanks to Jeff and Dean for setting this up and making it happen again in 2022. It turned out to be a great day to meet a new fishing partner. If I could just get Joe to stop catching lakers 2 on a pole, we may find more salmon, as they take a long time to pull in on a tica:)… but it was an epic day all around.

Congrats Brody! A fish you will never forget;)

Fish on!
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by BlackDucks&BrownDogs »

Congratulations to the Country Angler!

I've bumped into Jack a couple times at the ramp and agree he has a great crew.

Looks like smiles all around.
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by voyager »

Congratulations to the Country Angler crew. Outstanding job guys!
Thanks to Jeff for making it happen. And thanks to Dean and Matt for a delicious feed at the launch afterward!
As always it was great to meet forum members in person. Especially my host for the day, Eric. We went 14 for 17 with 13 lakers and 1 salmon. Seemed to be a laker day for everyone. Thanks for the ride, EJ!

Good luck for the rest of the spring fishing everyone, Fish On!
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Congrats to the Country Angler crew, and specially to Brody for this exceptional catch.
Thanks Matt for sharing those memorable pics.
Love the DYP, it gathers new and old friends, shares a lot of fishing experience, and allows new comraderies.
Funny in now 10 years, no one won the trophy twice, maybe next year we'll have to do it.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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2022 DYP winners... The Country Angler crew..

Post by Greenhorn »

Thanks for getting the DYP winners post going Matt and for posting all of those great pictures. For those of you that missed the DYP this year, you missed an epic event. Records were set and a few firsts happed also. First, Brody's winning fish weighted in at a DYP record 7.27 lbs! Next, the first annual kids trophy was awarded and it went to Brody for his monster salmon, and lastly, the Country Angler was the first family team to win the coveted DYP plaques. We are going to need more teams out there if we expect to see those plaques again. There are some really good young fishermen and fisherwoman that bless us with their presence in the derby. Oh, and did I mention, Brody is 15 and Liam is 12! Congratulations to all of the DYP teams. Everyone got fish on the boat and some new friends and fishing acquaintances were made.

The BBQ was awesome as well. We shared hotdogs, bacon wrapped scallops, fried frog legs, jalapeño and cheese venison sticks, artichoke and cheese dip and lots of other treats as well as fish stories and tall tails.

I want to give a special thanks to Dean (Homewrecker). Not only was he a stellar host, but he is a great teacher also. I throughly enjoyed my time on the water with him. How did I pay him back for that great day you may ask? Well, I drove off with his keys when I put them in my pocket after we loaded the boat on the trailer. I live two hours away from the launch, and my phone was dead, so he couldn't even reach me until I got home two hours later. My apologies Dean. I don't know how I will make this one up to you.

Don't miss the 2023 DYP. It is sure to be a doozy.
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by homewrecker »

Well we were not able to get the repeat win but we were in the race and had a great day on the water. Jeff despite all my learned teachings and positive mentoring you still made a Greenhorn move with the keys. (Lol just kidding) simple fix US. Mail. Good to have you on board. Great derby for all that attend every year.
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by Greenhorn »

I chose the Greenhorn name for a good reason. :oops:

You are welcome aboard the Greenhorn anytime. She is a lot smaller than you are used to, but she fishes really well!
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by Dilly Worm »

Congrats to Brody and the Country Angler crew - that is really a beautiful salmon and its a lot bigger seeing it in person than it looks in the photos. Brody is clearly not exaggerating the size of his fish by hiding his fingers or holding it close to the camera :D

My daughter and I had a great time fishing and at the BBQ. We improved on our record from last year (lots of lakers), and managed lots of lakers plus one 18-inch steelhead. Nice meeting up with everyone who made it to the BBQ.

Thanks to Greenhorn for putting this event together and to Reelax and Homewrecker for the delicious food !
I do not exaggerate when I talk about fishing - I underestimate, like I say "just one more cast honey, then I'll come home" !
Keep Calm and... Fish On !
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by Detritus »

So here it is, the 2022 DYP from the point of view of the crew of the Country Angler.

Like Homewrecker, I didn't sleep well the night before the tournament. But, 5:00 finally rolled around, and I went into the boys' room to get them up. Got the boat ready in the driveway, and took down all of the canvas except the bimini top, thinking it was going to be hot today. 92 was the forecasted high. But, like all scouts should be, I also brought a few warmer clothes, even though it was already 70 degrees out. I told the boys "Shorts, but wear a sweatshirt". I brought 2 sweatshirts, and two coats of mine, just in case.

It was cold. And windy. We figured with the conditions, we should probably just set up along the north side of Thompson's, and do a little troll, to assess the situation. We weren't the only ones there, seeing Reelax, as well as TruViking trolling around. It wasn't very long before we had our first fish on. Then second. Then third.

But, it was very long before we had our first fish BOATED. I don't know what was going on, but, we could not get a fish in the boat. Here's what it looked like when we finally did. At this point, we were on the other side of the lake, feeling a bit like the workers on the show "Deadliest Catch".

KIMG0176.JPG (117.45 KiB) Viewed 971 times

Believe it or not, the boys had their sweatshirts on, and my extra coats being used as blankets, as well as the heat on in the boat. Definitely the coldest 92 degree day we'd ever experienced to date. We found some good bait, and some active predators, and did a few passes over there all by ourselves for a while in the 38 degree surface temperature water. By this time, we had settled into a program of 2 riggers, and 2 dipseys running out the sides on wire. We tried running more riggers, but, with the wind twisting the boat so much, it was hard to keep things untangled. Most of the day, most of the time, we had a program of lures way back, 120'-150' or so, since we were running kind of shallow, and weren't using planers. After a few passes and several more non boated fish on, we said, OK, lets go check out another north facing shore.

Lots of boats over there, and we weren't even set up before we had a fairly sizeable fish boated, another Laker. Grabbed a quick picture for the Kids' derby, and tried to get one of Brody holding the fish. But, we didn't bother with the lip grippers, and I told him "Hey, if that fish starts to wiggle out of your hands, don't drop him on the floor, just dump him over the side". Well, apparently that fish understood what I was saying, because, it immediately started wiggling, and Yep, Brody did his job. Over the side it went. But, we did get a quick picture on the tape.

KIMG0182.JPG (144.76 KiB) Viewed 971 times

Not bad, heading in the right direction. At this point, we were about 2 for 10, with the 2 being Lakers. The rest unknown, probably more Lakers. Wow we lost a lot of fish. No Breakoffs though, all just spit hooks. We had even dug out the hook sharpener and started tuning everything up, in case that was the problem.

We trolled around that area some more, talking to our friends on the VHF, having a very good typical tournament day of trolling. The fish started hanging on to the lures more, and we started boating more. And, they started getting bigger and bigger. The wind had even calmed down some, allowing me to film a quick little video of a fish being boated. So, if you want to see a little snapshot of a day on the water trolling aboard the Country Angler, check out this little minute and a half video of a fish being boated.


You can tell the boys knew it was a Laker, by the way they weren't freaking out. But it was a good sized one, biggest fish overall for us for the day. 28" Lake Trout, just shy of 8 lbs.

KIMG0194_02_BURST1000194.JPG (77.29 KiB) Viewed 971 times

But, Liam knew that no matter how big of a Laker he caught, he now needed a salmon to take home the Kids' trophy. Because, Brody had just caught a 19" salmon. This one came on a pink Yozuri stick bait 3 colors down, 2 colors out on an inline planer.

KIMG0186.JPG (113.28 KiB) Viewed 971 times

The fish doesn't look all that big, because this 9th grader happens to be 6'1" already. But, a 19" salmon beats any Laker. We had kept a 5-6 lb laker earlier, and this fish as well got the not so gentle pat on the head with the little bat we keep on the boat. More on that later.

Maybe an hour after that video was filmed, we were just trolling along doing our thing. When 3 very specific things happened.

First of all, Liam had gotten up to get a snack, or check a rod. When he sat back down, he sat on a pink, blue, and silver hammered Warrior. Pretty funny. After I pulled it out of his shorts, he said "Hey, that's a good lure, we should put that on".

Second, I tied that lure onto a short length of flouro and a snap swivel to use as a cheater. I pulled one of the rods, and said to the boys as I tied on a DB Smelt, "Jim Martino once told me, that if you want to catch a really big salmon, and nothing else is working, put on a smaller spoon. He says the big fish are lazy, and just hang out looking for the easy meal. They don't want to go chasing after something big that they think might get away". Now, while that's not what happened in this case, the next fish wouldn't have been caught without me changing out that dipsey for a rigger set at 40', with a sliding cheater. The lure Liam had sat on, and suggested we put out in the spread.

Third, Brody was up, and that rigger fired that I had just set up.

KIMG0191.JPG (121.73 KiB) Viewed 971 times

We had just won our first ever fishing tournament.

Now, I wish I had filmed this landing of the fish as well as the one above. Because, lets just say, the landing of this fish was a little less laid back and subdued. Everybody was running around doing stuff, exclaiming at the size of the horse Brody had just brought in, and Liam had netted. Quite different than the Laker. When I went back to peek over the stern to see what they had, there were 9 words said by the three of us, "Oh my god!", "Oh my god!", and "Oh my god!". Guess we were all thinking the same thing. When that fish hit the deck in the net, I said, "We just won the derby".

We measured and weighed the fish and stuck him in our livewell with the two dead ones and the ice blocks, filled it, and turned on the bubbler. 27" Salmon, a little over 7 lbs. We all agreed it would be a shame to kill a fish of this size. If it died, yes, we would certainly eat it. But, we would do our best to release it if we could. It was pretty close to weigh in at this point, so we decided to just troll our way back to the ramp.

Once back, we saw EJ, Kevin, Dean, Matt, and some other guys while waiting for Jeff. Jeff came right down, and weighed the fish.

Here's the brothers getting the fish out of the livewell.

20220521_135344.jpg (134.76 KiB) Viewed 971 times

Kevin took this picture for us.

20220521_135455.jpg (139.55 KiB) Viewed 971 times

Anyone reading this far down in the DYP results posts has seen the pictures from the BBQ. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and there must be 10 pictures of everybody having a great time up above. Gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of crowd this is. If you happen to be reading this post, and are not a part of this LCU community but, it looks like a lot of fun, and wish you could have great fishing buddies like that that share their knowledge and skill with you, there is only one thing you have to do. Join the forum, and show up and fish with them. We didn't know any of these guys 3 years ago, and we've been welcomed in like family. A few of the long time members pulled me aside at the BBQ, and had some really nice things to say to me and my boys. You guys know who you are.

But, the reason I held off so long writing our piece of the 2022 DYP report, is coming up next. That's right, the food portion of the report. Here you see the 5th and 6th assistants to eating of catches at our house, as well as Liam, waiting for our lump charcoal and hickory wood to smoke the Lake trout we had caught during the tournament.

20220522_162434.jpg (144.66 KiB) Viewed 971 times

That's my wife's car in the background there.

20220522_175517.jpg (107.45 KiB) Viewed 971 times

The trout was in a brine overnight. The salmon was prepared in a maple syrup soy sauce garlic marinade overnight, and then baked in the oven. Here they are side by side, Lake trout on the left, and Salmon on the right.

20220522_175740.jpg (92.84 KiB) Viewed 971 times

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Lake Trout can be every bit as good on the table as a Salmon. It's all in how you prepare it. Yes, its more bones, brine overnight, drag out the smoker, smoke for an hour and a half tending the fire. But, at the end of dinner tonight, we had a small piece of leftover Salmon, and no Lake Trout. They're equally excellent tasting in my opinion, just one is more work than the other.

So there you have it, the first real fishing report from the Country Angler in a long time, and man, what a report I had to write. I was talking to one of the most famous members of the LCU community while sitting on his boat "Reelax" eating a bacon wrapped scallop of course, about lifetime memories. Sometimes they sneak up on you. You don't know that today is the day, this is the moment, but, all of the sudden, bam, there it is. With you forever.

Thanks guys.

I'll leave you with a link to another little 1 minute video, the real hero of the day. Mr. Salmon, swimming away.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VlzYK5 ... ntryAngler
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by homewrecker »

Well said Congratulations to all.
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by Crayfish »

Congrats, Brody and the Country Angler crew on the win!! What a beautiful salmon and so great to get to see it swim away.
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by AvgJoe »

This is AvgJoe (Joe), I had to kill off Laszlo Panoflex (also me) because of misplaced login credentials.

Congrats to the Country Angler crew DYP 2022 champions and thank you to all others for putting this event together!

My trolling resume is exactly 3 trips long, 2x with AmFishfil Thinking/Kevin and 1x with Reelax/Matt at DYP 2022. It was only though Kevins encouragement that i signed up for DYP 2022 and i'm still riding the high from the weekend! This is an awesome community of fisherpeople who love this lake!

I don't have any tips to offer for laker/salmon/browns and don't own a single trolling rod, the most sophisticated electronics on my little fishing boat is the bilge float switch. But yet, this crew welcomes you with open arms and will share knowledge, gear, and laughs like you've been fishing together for years!

This is a special place, thanks to all.
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Re: 2022 DYP winners… The Country Angler crew..

Post by AmFishFil Thinking »

We had a blast at the DYP fishing tournament. We got up at 3 am and were at the launch at 4:30. The wind was howling and waves were high. Talked with Reelax, Homewrecker, Greenhorn, and Joe for a while whether or not we would launch. We almost aborted fishing because of our small boat. The wind died down a little and we decided to launch and fish some protected bays nearby and not venture in the main broad lake.

That plan work out well for us as we landed 2 salmon early in the morning. I got a 17” salmon on our first run down Thompson Point and our son Lloyd got a 19” salmon on the turn around exact same spot. Lloyd’s 19” salmon was on the leaderboard for several hours in the morning until Dean got a 20". I also got another 17” salmon later in the morning. This was actually the most salmon that we ever caught as a family in one day.

We also caught several lake trout including a large 25” that I caught and a huge 30” by my wife Lea Camara. We let the large lake trout go back.
Although we did not win the plaque this year, we had lots of fun as a family. Thanks very much to our talented and beautiful boat driver Lea Camara. Thanks to Lloyd for bringing in the big fish and having patience for all day fishing.

Congratulations to the Country Angler family team for the win. A great family that deserves it. Nice 26” salmon. We enjoyed looking at it and talking to Jack, Brody and Liam about the events.

The picnic after was fun. We enjoyed talking with everyone. Matt's hot dogs and Dean's frog legs were a big hit. We didn't take many photos on the boat as we were busy with the fish, keeping the boat straight with the waves and holding on for dear life....

We did take a video of Lloyd catching his fish, but cant figure out how to post videos here. However, we took some pictures back at home.

This is our favorite tournament because its so much fun meeting everyone. Brody, you will need to sleep with the plaque the night before next year like I did. lol

Thank You to Green horn and Dean for putting this all together.
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