Dodger leader

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Dodger leader

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When using dodgers what leader strengh of fluracarbon should be used between the dodger and trailing bait.

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Re: Dodger leader

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I like using 15 lbs, but seen others go as small as 8 lbs. with others in between.
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Re: Dodger leader

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I also use 15lb flour. The extra weight seems to give the fly better action...

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Re: Dodger leader

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It's a bit more nuanced than that, I think, as it depends upon what your trailing bait/lure my be. Spoons have their own action, so you can go lighter, but baits and squids might benefit from a heavier test/stiffer line to impart more action. I have pulled gummie minnows (sorry, I'm a fly guy too!) and Gulp minnows, and they work well with 15-17 lb leader, but there isn't enough action if you go lighter unless you shorten the leader to REALLY short. With true trolling flies, I don't think 20lb fluoro is unreasonable.

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