mexico bay 3/20-3/23

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mexico bay 3/20-3/23

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got out saturday morning,but only had a few hours to fish setup right outside the river working 10-15 fow.didnt find any good water till we got over towards catfish.we only had an hour or so once we found them and managed a few smaller browns before we had to pick up and head in.had more time to fish sunday so we setup where we left off on saturday,but the off shore wind had cleared the water up,so we had clear cold water.trolled all the way to the plant without a touch,decided to go check out some deeper water and once we hit 75 fow started marking and we started picking at lakers.wound up boating 4 and dropped or missed a few.all the lakers were between 8-15 lbs.we also picked up a brown out there that was pushing 10 lbs.headed back to the same area monday,but the fish pushed out even deeper,we were able to boat 3,dropped one right behind the boat and missed or dropped a couple more.tuesday i was solo and the wind was blowing so i stayed close to port in shallow looking for browns.water was cold and clear everywhere,trolled for seven hours with only one rigger shot.
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Re: mexico bay 3/20-3/23

Post by raz »

Love that chunky brown!
Catch and serve with lemon.

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Re: mexico bay 3/20-3/23

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Nice fat brown. Great report.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)

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Re: mexico bay 3/20-3/23

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Hopefully BETTER days are coming! Good luck!!!

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Re: mexico bay 3/20-3/23

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That Brown make me wanna hook up the boat and go fishing right now...

Thanks for the report.
Matt B

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Re: mexico bay 3/20-3/23

Post by fishy1 »

great report jason and pics. we had good visit wished i could have got in your boat but maybe some time. keep chasing and i will be out soon again.

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