Steelhead, Salmon River, Pulaski (11/21)

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Steelhead, Salmon River, Pulaski (11/21)

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Quick report on a suicide run. Left early Sat AM with 3.5 hours of sleep. Hit the river at 8 am, starting in Sportsman's Pool. I fished with 3 other very good anglers, and we committed to swinging flies for steelhead and browns, no nymphing and no egg patterns. We fished 7 miles of river, made 4 moves, worked hard, and landed a single mediocre brown trout. I lost two steelhead, and another angler in our group also lost one. That was it. Conditions were good, fishing was good, but catching was "BRUTAL." Guides were lamenting "slowest I've ever seen it" and they were drifting eggs. We saw 2 zombie salmon and several corpses, but the salmon run is long over. I know steelhead and browns are in, but we couldn't find them. I'll be back!

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Re: Steelhead, Salmon River, Pulaski (11/21)

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Nice report Scott! I visited hatchery brook with my son this afternoon. There was about 15 fish in the public viewing pool and one about 7 plus. Wicked west wind and wind chill in the low 20's. Saw one younger guy trying to swing a fly at the brook outlets into that 30 mph gusting west wind.. Brrrr!

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Re: Steelhead, Salmon River, Pulaski (11/21)

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WoW Scott... that sounds like quite an adventure!!!! Thanks for sharing the story!!
Matt B

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