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Hot tip!

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While doing a sales call today at Marina Plus on rt 7 in Ferrisburgh Vermont the owner Paul pointed out a very very large collection of inline attractors and small trolling spoons that he acquired from a guy... Two dollars each! Lures have hooks and rings on them and the attractors are I all different shapes and sizes. The spoons are perfect for taping or painting. I would dare say over 1000 sets of blades and countless spoons.
HERES the best part.... they are the old style HI-Tech blanks. I saw nickel, gold and copper. Some had a little tape on them arms some were base coated different colors, there was and epic feel on a bag of hot pink... I bought some glow spoons for fishing 115 for fall salmon.
7418AE5D-6067-49C0-9183-D69E7B7A9261.jpeg (121.45 KiB) Viewed 210 times
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Re: Hot tip!

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Wow Todd! A goldmine...

Those little horizontal pedals look like just the right size to convert to verticals for salmon....

Hmmm.. need some new sets...
Matt B

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