7/12 Westport south

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7/12 Westport south

Post by Bearcat »

I've been following the forums for a while, but new to the site as of today. I've been very impressed with the generosity of the members regarding hardware, techniques, etc. in comparison to other forums. It's contagious and it makes the sport better for everyone.

I fished Sunday morning south of Westport with my son and did OK. Had some flea trouble last week but none at all this weekend. Went 3 for 4 on salmon in about 2 and a half hours. 3 between 20" and about 24" and 1 cookie cutter. Healthy fish but all except the small one had scars. The biggest of the 4 fell through a previously unknown hole in the net, I thought the line broke and managed to grab the swivel at the leading edge of the slider as it passed thought the net. A second after I grabbed it the fish broke off and took the spoon that was catching all the fish - an all white #1 Honeybee with a diagonal purple stripe (at 90 feet). A combination of operator error, mechanical failure and stupidity under pressure. The only other spoon that hit was a black and purple honeybee which took a 24" slimer at 75'. All released except for one which was released to the barbeque. Cant wait to get out again, and thanks to everyone.
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Re: 7/12 Westport south

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That sounds like a good day for sure. Saturday was slow not to much in that area biting lot of bait just no one home to bit. I'm headed out this Saturday with my step daughter to fish Norm's bait and tackle tournament. Hoping I can get her on some fish. Its not about placing for me its about spending time with the ones I love. She enjoys trolling and biting at the jaw to go Saturday gonna be a windy day but I've had some great days with the wind blowing. be safe and fish on
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Re: 7/12 Westport south

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Welcome to the forum Bearcat. Thanks for your post.
Get that net fixed, it's cheaper than replacing valuable lures :P
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Re: 7/12 Westport south

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Life's too short not to share! If only more people on the world could catch on.
Great first report, like a natural!
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Re: 7/12 Westport south

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Others need to follow your example! What you are catching them on benefits everyone including us lure manufacturers. Where, when, depth, distance back, attractors, method are all up to the individual .... but they may draw the fleet!

We can provide all fishermen with better tools if we new what lures work (all Makes & Colors) and what doesn't. Pictures are best … but descriptions will do. If everyone is catching fish, more fish will be stocked. More cooperation helps the conservation people argue for even greater budgets. Thanks again. /Jim

That first spoon was always very popular in Lake George! We will have a new category soon called MEMORY LANE which will have that pattern included.
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Re: 7/12 Westport south

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fished westport north 7/23/2015. had riggers set at 6:15 pm 10 minutes later a release at 50 feet down snapped the line. tough way to start and it was the only crazy ivan measles spoon we had. put a black/purple stinger on the rod and set it back down to 50 feet within minutes another release and the fish racing towards the boat with my freinds son trying to catch up with it. caught up with it under the boat and the silver spun off. had 5 more releases by 8:30 pm and called it quits. caught 1 cookie cutter and 1 yellow perch. our speed was 2.65 mph and the 4 rods were at 50 ft. 40 ft. and 30 ft. we fished depths fo 180 feet to 120 feet. marked balls of bait fish down at 80 feet . all releases were when we wernt marking balls of bait fish.
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