Kayak fishing Champlain

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Re: Kayak fishing Champlain

Postby troutcrazy » Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:50 pm

Plantstone, I'm so glad you dug this thread up, and psyched to hear from another kayak fisherman!

I also find the Slide Diver Lite Bites to be unwieldy. They do make forward movement more difficult, even with the pedals-- the drag is significant, but I have trolled full days pulling them. I use them from time to time, but I usually find it frustrating. And then when I finally do hook into a fish, I feel like I'm fighting the diver more than the fish, even with the release. The day I caught a 22" salmon on and I couldn't tell if I'd lost it, was the day I decided the slide diver wasn't the best option.

Can you tell me more about the torpedo diver? I have something like that, but I didn't think it could achieve much depth. I'd better look into that!

I'm also curious about what jellies you use!

Last year I used divers very little. I've been using Offshore Tackle Snap Weights. I started relying more on stickbaits/crankbaits since I started using the snap weights, because I need to go slow to go deep. I can't get Champlain salmon depths in the height of summer, but I can get brown trout on smaller lakes!

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