Keeping or releasing ?

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Wallyandre (Andre)
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Keeping or releasing ?

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An excellent article on the catch & release of those big walleyes ... cr5us3kiza

Gecha (Gerry)
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Re: Keeping or releasing ?

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Smaller walleyes are much tastier anyway.
Have fun catching the big ones and release them, so another angler can enjoy the same thrill.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)

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Re: Keeping or releasing ?

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Then again, I just read an article that says maybe the older, bigger walleye are sterile. If I see it again I'll try and post.

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Re: Keeping or releasing ?

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It's a game of percentages. The big girls have a bunch of eggs in them, but the % of them that are viable is much lower than a younger fish. More eggs with less fertility VS. less eggs with higher fertility. It eventually evens out.

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