Boat Setup Advice

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Boat Setup Advice

Postby keithm87 » Wed May 15, 2019 4:26 pm

So I have had my boat for 4 years now, and have always fished out of it the way it was set up when I bought it. It's a 20ft alum 8ft beam. It came with trolling board across the back in front of about 2ft inboard so the OB clears when up. I replaced the board 2 years back as the other one was cracking. I lengthened it to 9ft (Cops haven't noticed my wide load yet) and added 2 more riggers to the equation. so 2 straight off the back about 10 inches from the boat edge on each side, and then 2 out 90degrees off the side at the end of the board. This gives me a 17ft width on the water with the riggers extended, and keeps everything separated by at least 5.5ft per rigger. It however really limits rear access, and the board weighs well over 100lb with riggers on it, which makes for a struggle to remove if I want to switch methods.

I recently acquired (for a STEAL) 2 trax-tech tracks 18 inch each, with 3 inch big jon risers and swivel mounts (didnt need the swivels as I have 4 already, but it was an insane deal) I am now trying to decide if I should install those on the board, OR completely redesign my setup, buy 2 more 18 inch tracks, set them all along the rail, open the back of the boat up, and add pole trees on each side for when I run boards. Do people who have wide open backs of their boat find that to be better? Or am i just looking to waste money fixing something that seems to work pretty well?
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Re: Boat Setup Advice

Postby JabberJaws » Wed May 15, 2019 8:07 pm

I have track on my boat and I really like to be able to move things depending on what it will be used for. But I also really like the saying "If it ain't broke dont fix it." If you mounted track up the side you could use trees or rod holders for divers when in season and then keep it clean when not in season. If you decide to mount the track use bolts and backer plates or at least fender washers. Let us know what you decide. Ramel
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Re: Boat Setup Advice

Postby BottomDollar » Wed May 15, 2019 9:37 pm

I have an aluminum "board" for 2 riggers and tracks on the gunwales for ratcheting rod holders. The only reason I have the board is because there's nowhere solid to mount riggers on my old Starcraft. That may be an issue for your boat as well. Make sure you have reinforced backing plates or plywood under the gunwales. Mine flexed pretty bad even with plywood under them.

I attached the board to track pedestals...this is the only photo I could find:


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