Painting your own Spoons

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Painting your own Spoons

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Has anyone had any luck painting their own spoons using fingernail polish? I picked up a bunch of blank hammered nickel trolling spoons at a garage sale for next to nothing. I see that my wife has a great assortment of fingernail polish colors (haven't told her my plan yet). My mind is thinking of painting some spoons and trying them out. I am envisioning different patterns to mimic rainbow smelt and alewives. I see some of her nail polish colors look great (purples, greens, blue, salmon red, yellow, gold, black, white and grey with glitters hahaha). I just need some hooks and ring connectors, plus my wife's permission on the nail polish lol. :lol:
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Re: Painting your own Spoons

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Don't see why it wouldn't work. Might have to clean the spoons well first with denatured alcohol or something to make sure the polish sticks.

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Re: Painting your own Spoons

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Spoons and stickbaits! Clean 'em well and then fire away. Lots of colors and glitter etc optons!

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Re: Painting your own Spoons

Post by bootstrap »

warning!!! this is how a new hobby begins.

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