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Couple questions here........

What downrigger releases do you like ?

Vertical or horizontal flashers.....?

I have a couple look to be homemade fish downrigger weights but the eyes have rusted or broken....what can be done. Anyone re-melt and fix....? Advice appreciated.......

Thanks so much,

F/V "Office"

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Re: Favorites

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I run all blacks releases. Simple to use and adjust. Flashers I run horizontal for lake trout and vertical for salmon. I like the 3” or 4” size blades for Champlain.
I have no input on fixing the weights, but have a couple like that myself that could use some new eye hooks!

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Re: Favorites

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I don't know who will fix weights but there are two guys on LOU that make great weights. Bikini bottom makes shark style weights that I highly recommend and troutman makes torpedoes that are budget friendly and work well. I have dealt with both and they are a pleasure to do business with. Good luck, Matt

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