I troll throttle control

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I troll throttle control

Post by Papatom »

I am considering getting a "i troll" throttle control for using on lake george and champlain. The device has many functions including a automatic slow down or stop function to entice more strikes.
Dose anyone have experience with an "I troll" ??

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Re: I troll throttle control

Post by Wallyandre (Andre) »

A few years back I was considering to buy one but I found it too expensive vs the Trollmaster; and you can get a Trollmaster w/o wire now , works by wifi; my friend bought one 2 years ago and he really like it.

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Re: I troll throttle control

Post by Crestliner1850 »

I instaled an i troll last year on my boat and I'm very satisfied. With the i pilot up front it's the best combo, better than the auto pilot I had.

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