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The 6th was a pretty slow day, however I did see some interesting stuff. Two salmon(confirmed) and a laker(I dont know it this is true, I didnt see it) were spotted up high in the river. Good to see them moving. I was able to get a smaller salmon to chase something white, but at the last second he decided to turn. One guy hooked and almost landed a small one on soft hackle, one guy lost another small one on a nymph, and another guy landed two small ones on what I assume was a nymph. A fish was also reportedly caught in the meadows.

The 7th was a decent day, atleast for me and my friend. We pounded one pool pretty hard for like half the day, and finally he was able to hook a 16" female on a wierd looking streamer. We looked up top, nothing in the ladder pool or in the pool we saw fish in yesterday. Down low was a different story. We were the only people there, and fresh fish were moving through. A school of atleast 10, and some big ones to. 4 of them were over 22, and there was one monster that had to be over 30. Very large female. She wanted nothing to do with our flies, of course. I was able to make a 17" fish chase down a golden stone nymph by shaking it a little, and another 17"er rose up to look at a dead drifted smelt pattern. We think the fish either took cover in the weeds, or went up or down, because the started disapearing one by one. We checked another spot, and came back to a guy fishing worms(not allowed), and he kept setting the hook. Im not the guy to accuse people of snagging, but that was pretty suspect, considering he was where we just were. I didnt see what type of hook he was running, so what do I know. Anyways, it was an all around good weekend of fishing.
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