Destination Kingston NY early May for (Stripers)

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Digitroll (Ron)
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Destination Kingston NY early May for (Stripers)

Postby Digitroll (Ron) » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:36 am

Hooking up with Capt. Matt of Flashpoint Charters for some Striper fishing on his beautiful 27 ft Baha! It will be deja vu for me revisiting an area of the Hudson I had fun fishing for three straight years back in 1998-2000 with my Sea Nymph in early May. Back then it was a rare sight to see anyone trolling for Stripers. They would fish the flats with live Herring below the Tap bridge and wait for the big hens to bite in very shallow water. It was a blast trolling for them for us with big J-13 Rapalas off the riggers downstream from there. In 2003 we switched to fishing the Bar for Kings in the Loc derby.

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Wallyandre (Andre)
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Re: Destination Kingston NY early May for (Stripers)

Postby Wallyandre (Andre) » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:00 am

Pretty sure that I will be going down this year. Not sur yet about the week but I have the latitude of choosing the best time!
Digitroll (Ron)
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Re: Destination Kingston NY early May for (Stripers)

Postby Digitroll (Ron) » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:20 am

Nice Andre! Looking forward to fishing this very scenic area. Stripers are a blast off riggers without putting your aluminum boat in salt water. Always wanted to get back after 20 years to fish this area. The other big advantages is the wind isn't much of an issue fishing the river with the high cliffs of this area!

I am sure Capt. Matt will let us play in the back of his spacious Baha!
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Re: Destination Kingston NY early May for (Stripers)

Postby finsntins » Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:22 am

I just put a trip together,we will be fishing out of catskill april29th through may like to run down to Kingston for a day and try trolling some up,ive never trolled for them in the Hudson,we just anchor up and bait them.
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Re: Destination Kingston NY early May for (Stripers)

Postby Nysrx01 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:25 pm

All through the ninety's I always trolled for Stripers right out of Roundout. Back then there wasn't as many still fisherman blocking your trolling pattern. I used to fish the whole month of May and would boat over 200 Stripers easy during that month. Nobody fished the east side of the river back then now they fish that side quite a bit. Just like everywhere else it has gotten more populated with boats. I used the rebel fast tracks and solid green straight stick baits. I used the chartreuse and fluorescent orange jointed fast tracks. Trolled about 3-4 mph about 25- 35 ft behind the balls. Also fire tiger and sometimes blue and silver. The solid green one used to be the best lure for the early runs. Rebel fast trac were very good producers especially at the faster trolling speeds they had great action. I have caught Stripers on J plugs also. Here are my go to lures. I always ran riggers never still fished for them. A lot of my buddies flat lined deep diving bombersA 5 1/2 inches.
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