One last time

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One last time

Postby jimbow » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:57 am

Not unlike ChessieMan, I hadn't fished in a while so I needed a "Fishin' Fix"... I was looking forward to the Stripper Season which starts this week but when a friend told he had some safe access to get on Lake George for a last hard water trip, I said I was all in. The weather was fantastic up to about noon when the wind started to whip. There was 12 inches of good clear ice under about 2" of white cloudy no problem with safety. With the aid of a new product (not yet released) by Jim M of Tamiron, I caught my fill of nice, tasty perch..Only one or 2 really big "Jack's" a piece but more than enough "eating size" fish for me. The bite was pretty steady all day, with a short lull when I think some Lakers moved in for a while and scared the perch back into the weeds. My friend hooked into something big during this time and it did not end well for him and we couldn't confirm what it was. We released many "shorts" (8 1/2" and under) all morning besides the larger fish, however we kept ANY that didn't look healthy enough to return back into the lake as part of our limit of fish, hence the few small fish in the picture. Looking forward to open water and the start of a new season, happy holidays everyone!
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Re: One last time

Postby Sawyer » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:21 am

nice pic Jim. Look like a good day to have been out on the last ice.

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