frostbite shootout???

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frostbite shootout???

Post by finsntins »

any word on the shootout for this year???

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Re: frostbite shootout???

Post by TUnamas »

Efforts to hold a garage sale/flea market for fishing gear was rebuffed. Hopefully the event is still on, as we have crew lined up!

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Re: frostbite shootout???

Post by jusgrinnin »

Just do it!

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Re: frostbite shootout???

Post by ReelInvestment »

I’m curious about this as well. Maybe repost in the fishing reports section? That seems to get more attention.

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Re: frostbite shootout???

Post by keithm87 »

Any word?

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Re: frostbite shootout???

Post by Surprise »

Hey all it's pinned to the top of this index.

Fish On!

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