Anyone Interested in joining me Converse Sunday AM?

A place where folks with boats can pick up others and a place where folks without boats can make it known that they'd like to go out on a boat when there is room!
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Anyone Interested in joining me Converse Sunday AM?

Postby jim » Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:22 pm

I'm heading out of converse around 6:30 or so Sunday morning for a few hours solo so it would be great to find a 1-4 or so people to join me. I added a couple more down-riggers and moved everything around so I can get 8 lines out. One on each rigger(4) 2 divers and 2 lead. (Looks good on paper and the driveway..) I will be attempting to get them all in the water next weekend with Raz and the High school students. Caz will be joining me but cant this weekend.

Give a shout 802-734-Zero.Eight.Zero.Nine

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