Honeybees and knots

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Honeybees and knots

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We fish Honeybees frequently and I believe Tamiron furnishes some with split rings and some without. So I was watching a Canadian fishing show and the star/expert fisherman explained how he used a "Rapala knot' to attach to the Sluggo style plastic bait he was using. The Rapala knot does not cinch the line to the lure. It leaves a loop of line so that the lure can swing more freely behind the knot.

Like comments from Jim M and others about this. When to use and maybe when not to use.

https://www.google.com/search?q=rapala+ ... e&ie=UTF-8
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Re: Honeybees and knots

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The only time I use this knot is to enhance action of very small stick baits. With spoons all you need is the back and forth wobble... you get that fine with a duosnap... as long as it is VERY small.

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Re: Honeybees and knots

Post by tamiron »

The reason for having split rings vs welded rings is sourcing the welding capability.

The reason for no front ring is to accommodate those anglers who prefer to use a duo-lock snap but still maintain a slow but natural speed by tying direct to the ring.

After developing the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS found on the dark blue horizontal bar on our website, we found that too many people were attaching the duo-locks to the front ring and not getting enough action. To answer the question best, check out the videos.
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