Stick Baits

Lure modification. From taping and painting to manufacturing your own fishing lures.
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Re: Stick Baits

Post by Hairbone »

Turns out these 3" stick baits are awesome off the boards.

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Re: Stick Baits

Post by fishy1 »

i can vouch for that.

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Re: Stick Baits

Post by Bearcat »

I've fished a lot of rainbow trout and brown trout rapala's over the last few seasons and I don't know why but the rainbow trout pattern has outperformed the brown trout pattern 10 to 1 or more! Same water, same day, same technique, terrible results with the brown trout pattern compared to the rainbow. The colors are barely even different, the rainbow pattern has a little more red and blue on the sides and the back is green which is a bit darker. It's gotten to the point where I don't even know why I bother with the brown trout pattern - I think it's because I'm trying to convince myself that such a subtle difference in color can't make such a difference so consistently. Who knows? By the way, last week I caught a big fat brown in LO flat lining a size 13 rainbow trout X-Rap down the shoot.

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