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[How to] Upload picture from an Android phone for this forum

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:37 am
by raz
campfindit wrote:I have the Droid.
Go into the android MARKETPLACE. Click the magnifying glass at the "search function". Type PHOTOBUCKET. Download the free application. Photobucket allows you to store pics on the internet. From there you can link to the forums. Once the have a photobucket acct you'll need to upload pics. Go into your gallery on your phone and open desired pic, select MENU off the screen, if it disappears touch the screen too get it back. The menu options will show up across the bottom, select SHARE. Options pop up MESSAGING "for texting" & PHOTOSHOP. Select Photoshop to save your pic out on the internet. Exit back to your apps, you know have a blue Photoshop app button. Touch MY ALBUMS to get to your pic on the internet. Open the pic, now push the options button on the edge of your screen "it looks like 4 lines". Now you have a options bar across the bottom of your pic, touch VIEW LINK. 4 choices pop up, you may need to drag the screen up to see the last choice. This is the one you want, titled. IMG. Press it, it works like cut and past, you now have the link saved in the phone memory. Exit out. Go to the forum and start a thread. In the thread touch and hold the screen, a menu pops up, drag it up till you set paste. Touch PASTE, you'll see a bunch of digits pasted to your text box, this will shortly become your photo.

Hope this helps.