Trip To Vancouver

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Trip To Vancouver

Postby Gecha (Gerry) » Mon May 06, 2019 12:44 pm

I got back last weekend from a trip to Vancouver BC to visit my son David.
We had great weather.
We helped one of his friend getting his boat ready to go fishing. A 28' Bayliner.
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We got to the fishing ground 9 miles from the launch, downriggers 139' and 155' down. Trolled with the 8 hp kicker within 10 minutes we got a nice coho hooked up. Fought it for many minutes but got unhooked a few feet from the net.
As we tried to reposition to fish again, the main engine would not start. Despite all our attempts, we could not get it running. The kicker was the only propulsion we had to keep us pushed further out by the tide. We struggled for over one hour, not gaining any ground, so we had to radio for help. Another fishing boat towed us halfway back for about one hour until we were close enough to use our kicker to complete the return.
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The last 4 miles took 1.5 hours to return to shore.
At least no one got hurt and I had the chance to catch my first Pacific salmon.
The boat took longer then expected to fix, so we were not able to plan another fishing trip before I left. Makes for a nice reason for me to go back and try again.
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