Nephew Ben scores again!

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Nephew Ben scores again!

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Due to the Shootout being the week before youth hunting this year, I actually got to take my nephew Ben out on opening morning. The past 2 years, I have arrived up at deer camp after the shootout to find a deer already hanging. I was excited to finally get the chance to get out with him. Given his past success, he wanted to follow the exact same routine as the past 2 seasons. Cant say I blame him! So, at first light, we headed out into the Hinesburg Town Forrest. I sat with Ben, while my brother and 2 cousins put on a little drive. We did see a couple of deer, but they stayed well out of range. After heading back to camp for a cup of coffee, we headed out back to Bens honey-hole. Again, I sat with him while the others pushed. Ben wanted to sit on the same stump as last year, but I thought we should go past it a little bit where we would have a little better view. I should have listened to him! About a half hour after we sat down, the first deer came trotting down off the ridge. If we had been sitting where Ben wanted, it would have run right over us! As it was, he could'nt get a shot through the bushes. Just a few minutes after that, we could see 2 more deer making their way down off the hill. They got into a little thicket, and stood still. We knew right where they were, but they were invisible until they moved. About this time, I spotted one of my cousins coming up the trail behind us. I was able to wave at him, and get him to stay where he was. Then, I saw my brother coming up from below, and I waved him down too. Then, my other cousin came down off the hill, but about a 100 yards from where the deer were still standing in the thicket. I was able to wave at him, and pointed up toward the deer, and made a circling motion with my finger. He got the message, and swung back up the hill behind the deer. As soon as he began moving up behind them, the deer started moving again, back toward us. Ben was ready on his shooting stick, and as soon as the first one stepped into an opening, he touched off with his .308. It took a few leaps further down the hill, and collapsed right in between us and Bens father! I'm pretty sure I was way more nervous and excited than Ben was. We all gathered around the deer, an 82 lb button buck, and talked Ben through the field dressing. Then we all carried his gun and pack while he dragged it by himself, the 1/2 mile back to camp. I'm so glad that I was able to participate in this hunt with him, and so proud of the way he handled it all. It was as much, or even more fun than getting one myself!


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Re: Nephew Ben scores again!

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way to go!!! great job

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Re: Nephew Ben scores again!

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Very nice!!!! Something Ben will never forget!!! Until we experience something like this its very hard to explane the great feeling you get when help a kid in bagging a Deer!!! Sleeps

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Re: Nephew Ben scores again!

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. They are great memories.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)

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