ryan's doe

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ryan's doe

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My son Ryan called me tonight at 4pm and said he just hit one next to my stand. I got dress and headed out to him. After getting to the arrow I took a wiff and it did not smell good to me. We were able to track it only because it was kicking up the ground and the blood did not stick to well to the leaves. After 30 yards we were unable to follow anymore. Started taking a few loops and there she layed in the tall grass with a nice entry hole and an exit hole farther back than I would like to see. Dressed out at 107 and Ryan shot this one from the ground becasue he was about 60 yards from my stand on his way in. On wednesday I sat the stand and had two spikes come in at 10 yards and a few others that stayed out. the next night i missed on a doe at 29 yards. I cant wait for work to get done on wednesday

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Re: ryan's doe

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Nice work on finding the doe. Thats the worst when the trail is lost!
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