Burb Buck

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Burb Buck

Post by mac »

For the last couple of years my son rides his bike in this woodlot located between a subdivision and a interstate. Dad , I saw a buck today while riding my bike you should go hunt there..

Well my son is in college so I figured why not.. I go into the woodlot and find his old bike trails with a lot of people sign.. I called him and he directed me to the general area of where he use to see the deer and sign. Sure enough "Bingo" I found the area and hung a stand for the following weekend.

Friday night I go to Dicks and buy some Ruttin Buck Territorial scent..

Saturday morning I heard something walking up above my location but never could see it. Heading back in for evening stand I smeared the Ruttin Buck on trees and limbs as I walk down the logging road in route to the stand...

6:30pm I pack my fanny pack to head home for the evening and then I heard what I thought was a raccoon coming down the logging road. Just Great I thought darn coons , hey wait that's a deer ... 15 seconds later he turns broadside smelling the Ruttin Stick scent that I previously rubbed on the tree... Thwack @ 22yds I watched the Luminoc go into the boiler room... As I listened It sounded as he went down quickly but I decided to back out and give him a couple of hours and wait for help to arrive.

The deer went 25 yds from a perfect heart shot.. The drag was nasty and hard but Vtfishin and I got the deer to the parking lot @ 12:30am... Long night but its nice to have one in the box this early in the year.


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Re: Burb Buck

Post by lazycs »

nice buck mac, good way to start the season, congrats....

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Re: Burb Buck

Post by cpmaple »

congrats on your deer your season has started better than mine over here in ny. Hit a 4pt Friday the 27th of sept. Ran onto posted property so I pulled out and got permission to retrieve my deer. when I got to it the coyotes already beat me to him nothing left but the head and horns sucked big time since it was my first buck with a bow. To make it better my 15yr old son took his first deer ever with a bow that Saturday evening I was one proud father at 21yards perfect shot I could not ask for more deer ran 40 yards and piled up.

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Re: Burb Buck

Post by VTgooseman »

Congrats on the buck!

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Re: Burb Buck

Post by WildFisherWoman »

Thats a great buck. The burbs hold some real nice hidden treasures for sure.
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Re: Burb Buck

Post by Reelax »

Great story and Buck Congrats....
Matt B

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Re: Burb Buck

Post by Heijac »

Very nice!

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Re: Burb Buck

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