2021 cottontails

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2021 cottontails

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Well today we got back in the brush in search of rabbits again. We were a little disappointed with the over cast sky’s and the frozen dusting of snow, but it’s the weekend and this is the day we have to hunt so we went for it. Friends Hunter and Doug got to the house and we loaded the pups up and headed. We had dogs on the ground at 1 and for the first hour and a half we struggled. A couple short jumps and chases ending too soon due to big tightly packed brush piles. We decided to change locations and got into some brush that had honeysuckle and juniper bushes.....BINGO! We found them! The next 2 hours consisted of constant jumping, chasing barking and howling. Oh and the cracks of shotguns! We ended up shooting 11 rabbits this afternoon and the dogs were still running them. We decided after counting and realizing we had plenty to put the guns up and just let the dogs get the exercise. What a great day! Goes to show that you just have to get out there. No matter what the conditions may throw at you. Cloudy day, bare ground, for sure not ideal, but the dogs made it work and I’m so glad they did! As I sit here with a smile on my face enjoying a bowl of rabbit gravy and biscuits as I write this up I’m already excited for next weekend when we get to hit the brush again!
Good luck to all enjoying the woods and water,
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Re: 2021 cottontails

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NIce report. Happy the rabbits joined the party and the dogs enjoyed the exercise.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)
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