Day after Christmas bunny hunt

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Day after Christmas bunny hunt

Post by ReelInvestment »

Well team ReelInvestment has started to switch gears as deer season ended and I’m getting sick of winterizing my boat every time we fish! I have 3 beagles, Ruby, Jake, and Wego. Their love of the chase and drive to find bunnies is wild and tons of fun to watch. There’s really nothing like hearing them strike on a fresh track. And there’s nothing more rewarding than shooting a rabbit after the dogs have ran it a “full loop”. Rabbits will jump from their location and if they don’t find a hole to go into first they will circle and end up almost exactly where the dogs jumped them. The season has been open since October, but us being deer hunters ourselves and having respect for others like us we don’t start the bunny chase until after all deer seasons are over. In NY southern zone muzzleloader just ended Dec. 22. That puts our opening day at the day after Christmas! Me and my girlfriend Hannah had a lazy Saturday morning. We like for the sun to poke out some and warm the ground so the dogs have an easier time staying on the track. At about 12:30 we loaded up the VERY excited beagles and we were off to a couple new cottontail spots we had acquired this past October. Within 5 minutes of dogs noses on the ground we had a jump and the chase was on. We decided to let them run it and hold off on the shooting. After a few more good chases we decided it was time to load the 410s. We ended the afternoon with about 8 good chases and about 10 jumps. We shot 3 rabbits that we are making rabbit pot pie with in the next two days. The dogs were tired and happy and ready for this coming weekend! Like I said we are switching gears and will focus most of our free time on the dogs this time of year. Good luck to all fishing and small game hunting this time of year! Maybe I’ll post more of our rabbit adventures here if people enjoy!
Happy holidays,
-Tom, and the ReelInvestment crew
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Re: Day after Christmas bunny hunt

Post by Surprise »

Great Post. Brings me back. We had beagles growing up and hunted most days after school. Rabbit stew topped with biscuits was the menu once a week. Nothing better than hearing e'm run.
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Re: Day after Christmas bunny hunt

Post by Gecha (Gerry) »

Happy faces, happy dogs, jumping bunnies, great way to enjoy a day.
Gecha (Gerry North of the Border)

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Re: Day after Christmas bunny hunt

Post by Reelax »

Such a great post and story... brings me back... when I was 16 my 14 old brother rolled over my uncles dog by mistake on a snowy morning in the Caos of a multi rabbit/dog run, somehow the rabbit got in front of the dog.... .. thank god the dog was fine but I learned a lot on that morning...

Thanks for sharing and expanding our winter!!
Matt B

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